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Innovative Technical Writing & eLearning Solutions

We have used the word, innovative not just to gain your attention, but we actually mean it. Our solutions are implemented by Corporates, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Universities. King Oranges helps you:

  • identify the reason for implementing the technical writing or eLearning solutions,
  • design the online learning or documentation matches your needs and environment,
  • develop and implement the solution,
  • verify if the learning message has reached its target audience, and
  • collect real-time documentation and eLearning feedback.

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Your top 5 Benefits

  • Increase productivity with eLearning courses that have an impact.
  • Reduce customer queries with user-friendly documents.
  • Cut overall documentation cost with our structured approach.
  • Customize our services as per your needs.
  • Optimum resource utilization.

Our top 6 Solutions

End User Manuals and Online Help

We use RoboHelp to design and develop the online help of your product, and make it available for Windows and Mac Browsers, Android phones and tablets, and even for iPad.

Rapid eLearning

We choose from over 100 templates and designs to create your custom eLearning courses using tools such as: Articulate Studio, Articulate Storyline, Snap Lectora, Adobe Captivate, and others.

Structured Documentation

By doing a thorough analysis and adding structure to the content, we make your documents ready for single sourcing.

LMS Integration

We not only build a custom eLearning course, but offer integration of your new and existing online courses in a customized learning management system.

Custom Learning Solutions

We advise and let you choose a learning solution that is a perfect fit as per your requirement, and not because your neighbor suggested.

Contractual Staffing

For a day, week, month, or a year.. Irrespective of your resource requirement, we have the solution.


Timely and Effective User Manuals
If time is the constraint and you need an Effective User Manual, we recommend Technical Writing services from King Oranges. In our case, the Technical Writing team from King Oranges not only understood our Insurance product, but delivered a User Manual that reduced customer queries.
- Vadivel S, Project Manager, Mindgate Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Do hell with HTML5, I'm happy with Flash!

Do hell with HTML5, I'm happy with Flash!

So what, if HTML5 gives more satisfying output, I will remain loyal to Flash… Period!

What I mean is that I happy using Flash, and I don’t care much about HTML5, comes in handy and works on any device. As long as, my content is displayed on my desktop, I am thrilled.
I can list at least 10

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How to Set Up a Technical Writing Department in 25 days?

How to Set Up a Technical Writing Department in 25 days?

You are on your way to develop a game changing Software, or Hardware, or a Mobile App, and suddenly you hit a roadblock - DOCUMENTATION! You look around in your team and you only see qualified engineers, but the ones who even hate the word, Document! What would you do now?

Congratulations! You

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Oops! Bookworm ID’s are Fired

Oops! Bookworm ID’s are Fired

If you think a Master’s degree will help you grow as a successful Instructional Designer, then, it’s time for some reality check.

Gamification with Articulate Storyline

Scenario-based Learning via Email

Game-based Learning with 190 different Interactions

Storyboard using

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Can Technical Writers Be Good Marketing Communication Specialists?

Can Technical Writers Be Good Marketing Communication Specialists?

Okay, before I begin, let me admit, even I am sick of this debate. For starters, it is a never ending one; secondly, apart from the ones who have 'been-there done-that' no one seems to be arriving on a consensus.

I believe they both are more like Siamese twins, or two sides of the same coin.

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13-13 Alternate Careers to Technical Writing

13-13 Alternate Careers to Technical Writing

Statutory Disclaimer:

Through this blog, the author does not intend to disregard or degrading any profession.
This blog is our humble effort to put together a list career options functionally or judiciously viable for being considered as alternative options to Technical Writing.
Though the t

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