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Best Content Analysis Service to Improve Your Brand Image!

When our clients ask, how to improve their social presence and brand equity, we blindly suggest them to invest in good content analysis service. But the questions are, what content analysis is, and what it entails?
best content analysis serviceContent analysis involves detailed study of how the content in the past (over a period of time) has helped in creating your brand awareness. Consider an example of a popular website Pinterest, where a client posts regular content or updates. Let’s say that the client is experiencing reduced likes or shares and has no idea what has caused the same. Utilizing the best content analysis service that they can find, the client can have answers to these questions along with web metrics.

The content analysis service will provide the client with information such as, what kind of pins or posts receive maximum likes; which pins were shared often, or which pins were completely ignored. These are the pain points for the clients, which when corrected will help them regain their popularity on Pinterest. Along with this and all the information available, if the clients intend to, they can now change their social strategy for brand creation. This is just a case study to understand one of the many insights that content analysis provides.

In this case study, content analysis service is used to sample data from the client’s Pinterest updates to understand patterns of viewership.

The best content analysis service involves some preset points:

  • A key statement of research – What answers are you looking for?
  • Period for which you want to analyze your data.
  • Sampling the data or defining the exact instances to study.
  • Categorizing your information based on time, number of posts, number of shares, and so on.
  • Determining the way to conduct data analysis.
  • Coding the content – indexing the data based on content of the sample.
  • Analyzing the coded data.
  • Reaching a conclusion on social strategy.

The result from this analysis is used to understand the behavior of your audiences, and can act as a reality check on how your brand is perceived in the outside world. A good analysis gives you an insight in not only yours, but also the competitors brand perception.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Gone are the days when TV or print was the only way to connect with your audiences. The audience demands relevant content, which is good. If you are going to invest time and effort in analyzing web metrics, equal or rather more needs to be invested to create your online presence and brand equity. This can only be achieved if you are creating social content for your intended audiences and giving them what they want to see or read based on your content analysis.