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Can Technical Writers Be Good Marketing Communication Specialists?

Okay, before I begin, let me admit, even I am sick of this debate. For starters, it is a never ending one; secondly, apart from the ones who have ‘been-there done-that’ no one seems to be arriving on a consensus.

Technical Writers or Marketing Communication Specialists

I believe they both are more like Siamese twins, or two sides of the same coin. For any technical product or service to do well in the market, both have to work in parallelism and in conjugation.

Some of the similarities between TechComs and MarComs are:

  • Both need to avoid fluffy writing.
  • Both require audience analysis.
  • Both require in-depth research.
  • Both require clear and precise writing, and
  • Both have tough deadlines and approval cycles.

Though, there are certain functional traits that separate them:

  • TechComs write to persuade, while MarComs write to sell.
  • TechComs tell ‘how’ about the product, while MarComs speak about the ‘Why’, and
  • Unlike TechCom projects, MarCom has a short span and higher production value.

However, the bitter truth is MarComs seem to have an upper hand as they can assist TechComs.

  • MarComs are in touch with real users.
  • MarComs can help TechComs do a rigorous audience analysis or develop personas.
  • MarComs can help TechComs with various analytical tasks, and
  • MarComs can help TechComs explain the purpose of a product.

If a channel for smooth transition is opened between the two groups, each would stand to benefit from the other’s expertise. It is up to the TechCom managers to demonstrate their strengths by taking the responsibility to build enough bridges that can facilitate this exchange.

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