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Do hell with HTML5, I’m happy with Flash!

Do hell with HTML5, I'm happy with Flash!

So what, if HTML5 gives more satisfying output, I will remain loyal to Flash… Period! What I mean is that I happy using Flash, and I don’t care much about HTML5, comes in handy and works on any device. As long as, my content is displayed on my desktop, I am thrilled. I can list at least 10 reasons for […]

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Levels of Interactivity in eLearning

The debate on Levels of Interactivity in eLearning is ubiquitous and becomes an unavoidable issue during project planning discussions.The primary source of concern here is a belief that unless your eLearning content is extensively interactive, it is not suitable enough to grab the learner’s attention. However, some managers concur that adding any unnecessary item to a learning content bloats the […]

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