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Because you say – kya Farak padta hai… (How does it matters)

Swacch Bharat

Kya farak padta hai – if you throw waste out of a running train? Everybody does that!

Yes, of course, how does it matter? It’s absolutely fine to throw waste out of a running train. What worse may happen? Only the place near the railway tracks would get dirty. But how does that matter? After all you are doing social work. Obviously, by throwing garbage you will be serving food to rodents, mosquitos, flies, and even snakes. You know what? You should be rewarded for this amazing work.

The award will be in the form of disease infecting you… but that’s perfectly ok? What are hospitals for? And doctors, we should think of their profession too. So, why should we bother throwing garbage out of the train?

Kya farak padta hai – if you spit or stick posters on the walls that are painted to keep the environment clean?

Actually, don’t you think painting walls is a waste of time? Because spiting helps in creating different abstract designs, and its smell, it’s just Ummm…… I hope you got that. The amazing part is the craft work done on these painted walls. The posters on these walls is just another piece of art. It’s called collage. Oh, people around here are so talented, they don’t need this Paint the Wall kind of initiative. It’s such a waste of time, energy, and money.

While observing all this… it just strikes my mind that, spiting is a kind of urge that some people cannot control. And why should one do that, spitting on open spaces, and sometimes on the people around you, while you travel doesn’t make a big deal. Because, as the saying goes… Kuch daag Ache hote hai {Some stains are nice}…

Kya farak padta hai – if you leave tap running and all electric appliances switched On.

There is nothing to worry about, the domestic help at home will clean all the mess. It will give our home a fresh and tidy look. This is actually beneficial.

How? The rural people don’t have enough water to quench their thirst. Oh, no, no, wait. How can we forget? The most important elements of our lives get water from those flowing streams. Flies, mosquitoes, and beautiful insects that visit this wonderful gift of man-made nature. And guess what, just like their human friends, they also litter waste in water and move ahead. But how does that matter to us? We didn’t ask the insects to do this.

If we talk about electricity bills, we really don’t have to worry about that. We earn enough to pay the soaring bills. Also, what we can we do if our neighboring rural areas do not have electricity? What if their children miss out on their studies? What if hospitals are mere buildings? Because without electricity the important equipments are just like any other art in a museum. But yes, how does that matter… we have enough electricity and water. So, why should we even think of them?

Kya farak padta hai – if you see a girl is being harassed by road Romeos?

Hame nahi padna is zhamele me…{We don’t want to get into this mess} So true! After all, who is she? So, that I should go and help her? Even if it takes seconds to dial 108, who bothers? She is not my friend, sister, or any relative? So why unnecessarily poke my nose in her matter and then get caught in police affairs? Of course, why should we even bother about it? Because every day, every hour, and every minute, a girl gets harassed or raped. Do you expect us to go and fight for all of them?

Girls wear revealing dresses, and this is the major reason of their harassment. A girl should know how to dress and behave at public places. Hanging out with male friends is such an offense, what else would she face? Obviously, people will take advantage, it’s the girl’s fault, and she is the culprit.

Kya farak padta hai – if you bully or cheat a foreigner visiting us?

We don’t even understand what they say, neither they understand what we say… So how does it matter, if we have some fun. These whites have treated us so badly and in an evil manner. So, it is payback time. Of course, you fought for the country, sacrificed your family, and life to get freedom…

How can we forget the fight? It was just a few years back, like around 70 years ago. Yes, of course foreigners need to be punished for that. And you know what, we do punish them. We use their outfits, adapt their culture, technology, language, food, equipments. Yes, we are punishing them by using all these stuff. So now, why not cheat or bully them? How does it matter when we take some extra money from them? They are super rich and can afford extra rupees or some defective things.


Farak padta hai dost…. farak padta hai {It matters my friend}. Just gaining knowledge from the books, or surfing the internet, and encouraging candle march won’t help. It is time to implement your knowledge and experience.

If you see someone spitting or throwing garbage, stop them.

Help people in curing from the disease of ignorance.

As a responsible citizen, think 10 times before wasting water.

Cheating and harassing others are signs of weak individuals.

If we don’t stop this disease, it will spread like a contagious virus and ruin our coming generation.

We need to help such ill and sick people and just pray that they Get Well Soon.