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17 Reasons NOT to Become a Technical Writer

Do you really want to be a technical writer? Think again! We say this because it takes a lot from your normal social life!

Reasons to not be a Technical Writer

Since you have scrolled down the image and reached this paragraph, we will still try and convince you to NOT opt for this popular profession. So here are our 17 reasons: (# 9 is our favorite)

  1. You need to cultivate an impeccable sense and taste for written and oral communication.
  1. You must know how to write as per precisely defined rules, and most importantly, stick to them like a matter of life and death.
  1. You must eat, drink, sleep, and live with correct grammar and an expanded thesaurus. Don’t be surprised if you end up dreaming about grammatically correct sentences.
  1. You need to develop a heightened caliber for asking close-ended questions with poise but firmness.
  1. You need to practice and cherish a healthy habit of probing into the technical side of every product you see, hear, or touch.
  1. You have to feel comfortable with being disliked by a group of people you have to closely work with; in most organizations they are referred to as Subject Matter Experts.
  1. You must get accustomed to being tagged as “we don’t really need you here” kind of a person (ouch, that hurts!) prix pilule viagra.
  1. You must get used to working with software having strange or funny names, but you must hide your emotions, and pretend to enjoy exploring and writing for its end users.
  • You must develop an ELEPHANT’s memory. Here, we mean, you must accurately recall technical discussions from several years in history.
    1. No one other than you or your kind really understands what you do. You must not expect anyone else to put their nose in your work.
    1. You have to be happy being a loner even while being surrounded by a large team of developers, testers, and other geeks.
    1. You have to be satisfied with the title. ‘Technical Writer’ even after a decade. Reason: There wouldn’t be much scope to rise up the ladder; mostly because it doesn’t exist or is already overcrowded.
    1. If having or using interpersonal skills troubles you, then this isn’t a place for you.
    1. You must have accumulated domain knowledge, and your retention ratio must be superlatively high.
    1. You must be ready to face the axe at any point of time, and for no good reason. If this happens, simply convince yourself by saying, “they want to cut the headcount.”
    1. For your social life, you should learn and memorize multiple answers to the question, “What is that you actually do at work?”
    1. In true sense, the profession is a one-way road, with no U-turns and fewer pit-stops. The road is bumpy and you would be driving a low-on-mileage vehicle.

    Since you have read this far, we are guessing you still want to become a technical writer. Well, reach out to us. We have been around for more than a decade, and we know how things work in this industry. We will train you in the technical and functional sides of this profession.

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