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Instructor-led Training Manuals (ILTs)

Instructor-led Training Manuals (ILTs)

Are you confused about whether instructor-led trainings (ILT) or web-based trainings (WBT) are a better option for you?

When you are conducting a training session, it is not just about providing information to your learners, but also about using the best possible medium to explain it. You need to decide based on your budget and learners, which of these two strategies would you employ.
There are some courses which are better taught by instructors, while other courses that are best learnt online. It may be that you have tried instructor-led training in the past simply because of the real-time effectiveness, which can be measured. But, even though learners benefit with the real time discussions and information sharing, they lose out on the flexibility of learning on-the-go.

In the learning methodology, before blended learning was anywhere in sight, the in-classroom time was essential for explaining concepts, conducting tests, and evaluating results. But, with the advent of blended learning, trainers can now focus on using the in-classroom sessions for more constructive discussions. The concept explanation and assessments can be handled by the online courses.
When you invest in good blended eLearning services, you give your learners the perfect environment to learn the course and benefit from it to the fullest. You can now decide which part of the eLearning course should be conducted using the face-to-face sessions and which can be easily understood using the online mediums.

For situations where you are confused about which format suits you better, let us see the benefits of each approach.

Instructors available for any query to be answered face-to-face In-built search engines and knowledge base for immediate answers
More collaboration in person More collaboration through communities
Needto be present physically for a specific time period Can be completed in short bursts of time as and when available
Very monotonous due to just the instructor and his explanations to rely on Very entertaining due to storyline and graphical elements
Much more suitable for primary grades where 1:1 interaction is required More suitable in the adult domain
Even after you read these benefits, sometimes selecting just one approach of learning is difficult. For such scenarios, through years of experience, we can say that blended learning is the way to go. If you can strike a perfect balance of ILTs and WBTs, maximum learning can be seen. You can get a blend of instructor-based interactions and discussions, along with the ease to complete your assignments and assessments at your individual pace.

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