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Technical Writing Services Mumbai
A contact center manager once said, “If customers are well informed, no one would ever remember a customer service agent."¬†Indeed, how true is that! So, one way to educate your customers is by packaging your product with User Manuals and Instructional Guides that speak their language, and are easy to comprehend.
Customers don’t need encyclopedias or a bible, but a guide or an online help that is easy to navigate, and most importantly a friend to them. The Technical Writing team at King Oranges has not only mastered this art, but repeatedly delivered manuals and guides that your users cannot live without. Enough of theory and self-boasting, let’s give you an example:

If we have to write instructions to print a page in MS Word 2016 for both Novice and Experienced readers, we will do this:

For Novice Users:
To print a document:
  1. Click the File ribbon and select Print.
  2. Enter the number of copies to be printed in the Copies box.
  3. Select the printer from the Printer drop-down menu. The printer displays the names of all installed and connected printers in the network.
  4. Click Print. The document is printed.

For Experienced Users:

  • Press Ctrl + P to print the document.

Note: Save your time by selecting the correct printer and the number of copies.

That’s just one example of our horses for courses approach, and this knowledge and experience is growing rapidly as we speak. The customers are getting smarter, demanding deliverables that suit their lifestyles, so our writers are adapting and creating newer ways to offer the Technical Writing Solutions.
So, if your documentation solution is simply occupying the shelf space, call us or write to us at We will not only provide the solution, but give an irresistible quote for free!