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Time to Change Your Technical Writing Strategy with Top Technical Writing Predictions for 2014

Technical writing“According to a recent report by Business Insider, technical writing stands at number 4 on the safest jobs list in case of imminent robot invasion. These reports aside, on a serious note, technical writing is no more a small team of writers that sits in a secluded area. We are now more mainstream and hence adapting to the constantly changing world of content is essential.”

Here are a few predictions for technical writing in 2014 that might shape the writing strategy for your organization:Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

  • Improved awareness and credibility for technical writers – Owing to the agile methodology, new responsibility and credibility has been showered on the technical team. This year sees even more in terms of responsibility with technical writers entering the release discussions, before the product takes off the design table.
  • Mobile-based content will ruleTechnical writing traditionally involved user guides, quick start guides, online help, and more, but with the invention of smartphones, every traditional concept is now challenged. Your content now needs to be visually appealing, smartphone compatible, and very crisp.
  • Write for the customers and what they need at the right time – Your job as a technical writer does not end at writing product manuals, but now you need to strategize to be more active to reach your customers through online and social mediums.
  • Focus on increased localization – As the products are no longer limited to their area of innovation, the need for localizing product manuals for far-flung countries has also increased.

Your focus for 2014 needs to be not just creating user documentation that helps customers use your product, but also go beyond traditional documentation to reach your customers at all stages. Use social media mediums to let your customers know that you are with them, when they need you.